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Covers Fleece

They are most known for their softness and comfort, as well as the ability to wick moisture away from baby's skin. Soft, breathable, waterproof. What more could you want?

If you are looking for an alternative diaper cover for your baby, why not try fleece diaper covers? They are an amazing alternative to the everyday wool cloth diaper covers, and better yet a vegan alternative. The benefits of fleece is unknown to most. Fleece is a very soft, gentle fabric This type of material makes it more breathable and less expensive than the wool covers. This cover can be seasonal as well, in the summertime it can still be worn and not be uncomfortable for baby. It is known for being breathable, durable, and can still retain the wetness if needed. Washing is one of the easiest things about fleece diaper covers, you do not have to do anything special to keep it looking and smelling good.

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