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Square Nappies

Flat diapers, commonly called Flats, are truly the old-fashioned cloth diaper. They have been used successfully for centuries: they are cheap, gentle on the environment, and with a little practice, easy to fold! Flat diapers are large squares of single-layer material, nowadays, they are often called flat nappies or square nappies in order to distinguish them from the modern cloth re-usable ones which are pre-shaped. Most common flat diapers are muslin diapers, a classic nappy woven from fine organic cotton. Birdseye flats are the least expensive though. Other more expensive flats are made with hemp, bamboo or cotton flannel. Their simple shape means it is especially good to wash and dries very quickly on the line. These diapers have had a major comeback in popularity lately because they are very inexpensive, versatile and fun.


Full set - 12-24 diapers.

Wraps are needed with these nappies.

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