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JOVI® Watercolour 6 bars 22 mm

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Plastic box 6 bars 22 mm assorted colours.

Easily thinned with water.
Excellent dispersibility.
Adheres well.
Fairly high pigment content.
Colours do not fade in sunlight.
Made in Europe.

JOVI® Watercolour 6 bars 22 mm

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It's easy to enjoy Jovi watercolours! All children have to do is mix them with water, use a brush to apply them to paper or card and...

'Voilà'! The results are unbeatable, especially if the base used is quite porous. This product (ideal for children from the age of 8 upwards) flows very freely, dries quickly, goes a long way and does not form bubbles on paper.

Application Techniques

1. Splash painting

Splashing a painting with a toothbrush is an effective way of creating texture. To obtain bigger splashes you can use a round paintbrush dipped in plenty of paint which can be tapped firmly against the handle of another paintbrush or with the fingers.

2. Scraping

When the paint is still wet it can be scraped away with a plastic card or spatula to create lighter areas of colour. This gives good results when imitating the texture of rocks.

3. Crystals or snow effect

Interesting textures can be created by adding salt to the colours while they are still wet. This method is particularly suited to recreating snow scenes.

4. Printing with card

This is done by mixing an amount of paint on the palette which is then gathered up on a piece of card. By using the edge of the card as a paintbrush we can paint horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines on the paper. This technique can be used to depict reeds, fences, walls, etc.

5. Sponge

A sponge is suitable for painting bushes or leaves on trees. Swipe a dampened sponge over a watercolour tablet of the desired colour. Then dab it on the paper to leave a sponge-like texture. If the sponge is dabbed into wet paint it will absorb some of the paint. However, this method can give a rough texture when the paint dries.

6. Creating areas of white

When a damp paintbrush is applied onto a colour on paper, it will dilute the paint and gradually absorb it in successive brushstrokes. Once the paint has dried we can repaint the surface or leave the “white” area. If the paper becomes too wet it will deteriorate in the area we have been working on.

7. White area reserves

Before applying a watercolour to paper, clear wax can be rubbed over the part of the painting which is to be left free of colour. When the watercolour is applied we can swipe the brush over this area and see how it repels the colour and the area remains white.

8. Transparencies

A layer of colour can be applied onto a dry layer of watercolour. The colour below will still be visible but will have changed slightly with the new tone.

9. Combined use of Jovi Crayons

The lines of a watercolour painting can be reinforced with the help of crayons which will give an outline to the shapes in similar, complementary or contrasting colours. This technique is commonly used to illustrate stories and reading material for children and young people.

Washing methods

Washing garments in the washing machine can leave stubborn paint stains which are much more difficult to remove.
Never dry a paint-stained garment in the tumble dryer because it will be impossible to remove the stain afterwards.
Soaking the stain in a mixture of equal parts of whole milk, peroxide and liquid soap for more than six hours makes it easier to wash the garment.
Rinse the garment through at a temperature of 30º C.
Wash with liquid soap or natural bar soap.
Finally, if necessary, scrub the remaining traces of the stain with soap.

Additional Information

SKU JOV08006
EAN 8412027000512
Country of Origin Spain
Brand JOVI®
Manufacturer JOVI S.A., Rubí (España)
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