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How Many Diapers Do I Need?

How many cloth diapers you need to buy will depend on the age of your child.

Generally a newborn baby will require 10-12 changes per day, after 3 months this will go down to 8-10 changes per day then after 6 months will settle down to 6-8 changes per day. Of course every baby is different and depend only on your baby how much it needs to be changed. Some babies will poop every single time you feed it and pee even more often. That meant changing it once every hour or less. Some babies are sleeping through the night and don't need middle-of-the-night changes.

How many cloth diapers you need will depend on how often you plan to wash them.

Washing is recommended latest every 3 days, at 40– 60°C. It is not recommended to wash more than two dozen diapers at time. Washing more than two dozen diapers at a time can cause pilling of the diapers from too much friction.

Consider how often you want to wash, for example if you want to wash every second day with 8 changes per day you would need 24 nappies.

If you want to wash every 3 days for a newborn baby, you will need 10-12 nappies per day, that means 36 nappies for 3 days. With some backup for drying time cca 50 diapers together.

How many cloth diapers you need will depend on how often you change them.

How often you change diapers depend on three things. The absorbency of the diaper, the age of your baby and how often it needs to pee and poop. Sometimes my 18 months old daughter is refusing to sit on her potty and pees six times in three hours right in the morning. And other times she can stay dry 3-4 hours. Some moms start using cloth diapers after disposables and think that they didn't need to be changed until they full. And then they suprised and upset when  the diapers are soaked and they don't think they are very absorbent. It does not work that way with cloth diapers - actually it does not work that way with any kind of diapers.  I don't recommend you have your baby in a diaper more than 2 hours, unless it is sleeping. At home it is convenient to check your baby every 2 hours. If you on some longer journey or sleeping that's not so easy anymore. But stay dry cloth diapers do exist!  There are very absorbent cloth diapers on the market that can hold as much as disposables or  more and babies can feel in cloth diapers as dry. Your baby can sleep through night in warm and peace even in a cloth diaper.

I'm changing my daughter after every pee unless im sleeping and don't realize she needs a change. I don't like to  leave my baby sitting in her pee no matter if she feels it or not, no matter if she is wearing a cloth nappie or a disposable econappie.  The more often you change a diaper, the better it is for your baby. It will make it feel happier, help keep rashes away, and you will avoid potential leaks.

Here is a general idea of what you will need based on a two day wash cycle.

Newborn to 6 months

* 30 - 36 diapers
* 3 - 4 covers (if needed: with Squares, Prefolds, Contours, Shaped Nappies)
* 2 Snappi fasteners (if needed: for Prefolds and Flats you don't have to use Snappi if you don't wish to)
* 30 - 36 pocket inserts (if needed)

6 to 12 Months

* 24 - 30 diapers
* 3 - 4 covers (if needed)
* 2 Snappi fasteners (if needed)
* 24 - 30 pocket inserts (if needed)

12 - 24+ Months

* 18 - 24 diapers
* 3 - 4 covers (if needed)
* 2 Snappi fasteners (if needed)
* 18 - 24 pocket inserts (if needed)

For Night-time is good to have

* 3 pockets with inserts, or
* 3 "night-time" fitteds and 2 - 3 wool covers, or 3 - 4 PUL or fleece covers, or
* 3 prefolds with inserts and 2 - 3 wool covers, or 3 - 4 PUL or fleece covers

For Hospital

Our hospitals usually require to bring disposable nappies to birth, so buy at least 4 packages of econappies in size mini (3-6 kg) for first two weeks. You don't have to buy the newborn size, mini will fit quite well. You won't stay in hospital most likely longer than 7 days but it is nice to have a backup. 4 packages of 48 pieces = 192 nappies should be enough for start. Even if you have to change your newborn quite often, 12-15 times per day (12 changes per day x 14 days = 168 nappies).